Thursday, November 06, 2008

2008 trip day 12 - The slow trip to dubbo

The next day I drove to Dubbo.

2008-11-06 track

I seem to have visited Dubbo a few times. This was no less than my third visit in the last two months. I started the day in Lightening Ridge. Again I did a morning walk around the town as I had to see a play that started at either 9AM or 10AM. I have forgotten.

Lightning Ridge

Lightning RidgeLightning RidgeLightning RidgeLightning RidgeLightning RidgeLightning Ridge

The show itself was a somewhat indulgent but very interesting play in three parts about some people of the town. It ended with what must be one to the most impressive lamp museums on the planet.

Lightning Ridge

Then a quick bite to eat at a good cafe in town.

miners steak sandwich

Before heading off down the highway. I ended up stopping at this road side stop with an interesting and clever design feature. To light the toilet at night they have placed a large metal mirror in front of the toilet. You leave you car's high beam shining on the mirror and leave the door to the toilet open and you have light.

Lightning Ridge

Farther along the road, I was stuck at some road works.

Castlereagh Highway

I stopped in Coonamble for a break and saw the above ground side of the underground Castlereagh River.



I stopped for a moment to take a photo of a tree.

Castlereagh Highway

Before arriving in Dubbo. I visited the tourist office and they gave me great touring map that was actually designed for bicycle touring and I found a motel room.

Touring around I visited some aboriginal sites, the Tralbragar river and some farmland.

Tralbragar River

Tralbragar RiverTralbragar RiverTralbragar RiverTralbragar RiverTralbragar RiverTralbragar River

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