Wednesday, September 26, 2007

moving house

It is the final day of the time off to move house. The drama of the air con is resolved. Though at the moment, leaving the doors open seems a better option. The alarm system is installed and working. The adsl modem showed up,t but the adsl is not connected at the exchange. I am stuck using the internet on the mobile. The sleepy locksmith came twice. Once to install a dead lock and once to make keys to the storeroom and laundry locks. It turns out that the storeroom is full of painters equipment. Morgan came around and helped lift the tv and put up the corner shelves.the book shelf in the lounge is three cm too far to the left. A bit late to fix that now. None of my old light bulbs fitted the new lights so i had to buy some more.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Well I have moved house. It took ages, partly because it is up three floors. But most things are up there. I have never been so tired from a move. And even when I changed the light bulb I needed a 15 minute rest.


Frost, birdsong, instant coffee, arnotts biscuits, balsmic vinegar & pumpkin bread.


We went down to the Floraid, and stayed the night in Gunning. It was great to be in the NSW country again, it is ingrained in my soul. Crisp morning and the smell of frozen cow poo. The Floriad was interesting, though I think that there is a lack of variety of types of flowers. I certainly took lots of flower photos.

"flowers" by yewenyi [?]

"rest stop" by yewenyi [?]
rest stop

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Woman in Black

A strange event happened while moving house. I was down in the basement putting some things in my car. As I returned I saw the bottom of the truck in the drive up at road level. I head someone running on the wooden plank ramp leading up into the truck. So I ran towards the truck. From where I was, all I could see were the legs of someone wearing black from about the knee down. When I got to the road level there was only one person who could be seen. A woman at the flats next door, in the direction the person had run. She was wearing a black burqa dress. She stood there and looked at me. I wonder if she took anything?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


The people moving into my place are pushing for a 12:30 settlement. I agree so this is good. It gives me time to get into the new place.

Moving House

It seems all systems go for moving tomorrow. So my next post should be from the new house.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

up barrenjoey way...

We went up to Barrenjoey to maintain one of Charl's caches. But instead we could not find it. The people before found it, the people after found it. But we could not. When I had looked many years ago, I also could not find it. The mystery this time? Someone had moved it. They were doing tours of the lighthouse, so we were able to go up to the top. Vertigo city up there.

palm beach


yellow drumstick (Isopogon Anethifolius)

After we did some other caches.

bird feeder

Saturday, September 15, 2007

flickr explore

This photo has taken off like no other and made it up to #7 in Flickr Explore before dropping back down.

"3d: cubist kites?" by yewenyi [?]
3d: cubist kites?

Planet Japan Episode 116

This photo was mentioned on Episode 116 of Planet Japan.

"Cow Protection" by yewenyi [?]
Cow Protection

Thursday, September 13, 2007

using the mobile to find a toilet

I just used the internet, via the mobile phone, to find the nearest public toilet. Quite nifty really. But it could be improved. My phone has a gps and it should be able to use the gps to find my coordinates. This would be very useful if i was in a city where i did not know the name of the suburb i was in.

not moving tomorrow

I am not moving tomorrow. The person working for the solicitor of the party I am purchasing from left the company. No one else took up the work. Then it was too late. All the people who could do it were away at court cases. We are trying to reschedule for 20 September.

There was an oddball statement made on the street that Cluff And Scant found out something and becuase of this they canceled this settlement. I wonder what they found out.

lumps and bumps in the settlement process

he said "it is almost guaranteed it will happen on time." I said, "it did not work the time before. How certain is almost guaranteed?" he said "90%". Well in the industry I work in 99.9999% is considered to be almost acceptable and we aim for 99.9999999%. 90% is not guaranteed at all! Anyway things are not going well. There is one outstanding item. The person in the other party's solicitor's firm is on holidays. They have not provided the final details. That was yesterday morning. I will call this morning to see if it has been sorted.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Festival of the Winds

Must be the festival time of the year. We went to Bondi Beach to take photos of the kites. At one end of the beach the wives (and husbands?) of the APEC leaders were having morning tea at Icebergs. On the way there I was followed by a fleet of tow trucks to tow away the people parked in the special events clear way. At first the wind was more like a feeble breeze. But eventually it picked up and we had lots of kites flying.

"kites" by yewenyi [?]

"Kite Train" by Psinewave [?]
Kite Train

"" by aeonmouse [?]

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Moving House Hassles

Well moving has not gone as smoothly as I expected. I am moving on 14 September, a Friday. Perhaps, now I know more, choosing a Friday was a bad choice.
  • There is now a complicated process for choosing a gas and electricity supplier. I went to the ombudsman's site and got the links to the supplier sites. Most sites are next to useless when it comes to finding out what their plans are and what they charge. A very sorry state of affairs. In the end I picked Australian Power and Gas, as their site made sense and I could see the prices and they were good. But they cannot supply to new places until a week after I moved in because they are a new company. So after some more hassles, I stuck with my current gas supplier AGL for both the gas and electricity. At least I could see their plans online, but to sort it out I still had to call them as there was much information missing.
  • Telstra can book the moving of the phone to the new location. But I was unable to cancel my big pond account before time. I have to call them on the day. What a pain in the neck.
  • I am ordering ADSL for my new house. However, I will not have a new phone connected until Monday after I have moved in. I cannot order the service until the phone is actually installed and then it takes another three days for the connection to happen and the modem to arrive. So I will be without broadband access for 5 days.
Everything else is going OK.


I went into Sydney to visit the MCA. On the way I had to pass through the APEC security cordon. At other times, one of my friends, Pong, was told to delete his photos of the wall and was followed to the railway station. With James they threatened to confiscate his camera gear, even though it was before the exclusion zone and laws came into force, but they still confiscated his film. One interesting observation is that some of the rubbish bins on the road were taped up. The bins are special bomb proof ones that were installed after the bombings last century, so we are not sure why they are taped up. But more interestingly is that within 50 meters on the same road, some bins were not taped up. A little further down the road the bins were taped up again.

"fence" by yewenyi [?]

"good ribbish bin" by yewenyi [?]
good ribbish bin

"bad rubbish bin" by yewenyi [?]
bad rubbish bin

"chaser" by thepretenda [?]
chaser by thepretenda

Thursday, September 06, 2007

3d experiments

I went to the Sydney photo bloggers meet in Crows Nest. Before I had an hour and used it to take lots of 3d photos with the new lens.
"Warringah Freeway" by yewenyi [?]
Warringah Freeway
"NO THROUGH ROAD >" by yewenyi [?]

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

the new lens

Well after we had a 3d demo a while back at the Blacktown photo club, I went out and did my first eBay order. I was worried for a while as it had not arrived. But then an email. They had sent it to unit 4 in Westmead. So it went back to the USA. I corrected the address and now it has arrived. My little plastic 3d lens. You can see the 3d image on the screen if you have a viewer. It works the same way as the old stereo grams. You are supposed to be able to do it without the viewer, but I cannot.

I was a bit concerned at first, but event the first photos like this one, when I had not read how to use the lens have worked out very well. I am happy.

Lens Type: 3D, parallel view
Lens system: 38 mm, f11, 2 elements, plastic
Film Format: 35 mm standard film (24x36 mm)
Diaphragm: Sliding disc, f11 & 22
Focusing: Sliding lever 1.5m, 3m, infinity

"front" by yewenyi [?]
"traffic lights" by yewenyi [?]
traffic lights

Monday, September 03, 2007

Festival of India

because of APEC they were forced to leave Darling Harbour and head out to sunny Castle Hill. I suppose you could consider the location just a tad ironic. I also met a few of the Penrith flicerites.

"portrait" by yewenyi [?]
Luckily the one who hates goths and thinks that they are sad people who deserve to die, was not amongst them. That will be the the man in the background of this photos. He also is worried about big sister.

Goodmorningaustralia and Yewenyi

Saturday BBQ

Had a totally relaxed BBQ in Yarramalong in Dave's new house.

"dave's house" by yewenyi [?]
dave's house