Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Paddington Gorillas

We do not have Paddington Bears here in Paddington, unlike the popular misconception. We have Paddington Gorillas. This pair are being questioned by the local speed limit, radar gun, police man.

Paddington gorillas

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Gallery and caching

Well I wanted to head up north to visit lipstick gallery's art show, that is only on for two weeks. I was unfortunately unable to make the opening night. The Shorethyme restaurant (which I thought was a cafe prior to getting there) was a little expensive for the others. The art work is excellent. You can visit Dolly's flickr pages to see the paintings.

After that we had some icecream and did two caches. The first was Merchant Mariners, out on Norah Head. I have not yet uploaded any of the photos from that cache. The second was Wyrrabalong Red Gums, located up on the sand dunes between the Tasman Sea and Tuggerah Lake.

Wyrrabalong Red Gums Snake Track

The weather closes in... Intrepid cachers

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Keat's Birthday

We went down for Keat's Birthday to Camberwarra Mountain for lunch. I had been there a few weeks before when heading down to Nowra to visit the Naval Aviation Museum at HMAS Albatross. I was a little concerned as Nick gets car sick, but he did not seem to have any troubles.

We had a nice lunch at the cafe, and it was another table that was bombed by the very tame kookaburra's to steal a chip. I was able to get to within one foot of one to take photos.

After lunch we headed down to Kangaroo Valley to have some desert and do some window shopping. However, the standard and the quality of deserts was somewhat lacking, though in the end we found one reasonable place.a

Keat's Birthday Kookaburra Sits on the Old Lamp Post

Student exhibition

Well, I have put three photos (in 6x9 inch format) for display in the Student Exhibition at the Australian Center for Photography. I do not yet know if they will all be displayed. I did the Camera Craft 1 course, their entry level course. But because I am traveling overseas, I will not be able to continue until next year.

The display starts on 28 September 2006 and ends on 8 October 2006, so drop by if you get the chance.

The ACP is at: 257 Oxford Street, Paddington, NSW 2021 Sydney

the blue dress locked and chained Going up...

Friday, September 22, 2006

Il Mondo De La Luna

I went to the Sydney Conservatory of Music to watch this operetta because Findo is the lead singer. I also love classical music, though my bent is more towards chamber music. I was going to go with Kent and Fiona, but, alas, we could not go on the same day. Given 4 dates, I was lucky as Findo was only singing on two of the dates.

The opera is from 1777 and is about interplanetary travel to the moon. It is typical of the times, all about young children coming up with a scheme to marry the ones they love instead of the ones they are told to marry. The singing was brilliant, the music good, the costumes cool, the plot fantastic, acting was great and the take on Return to the Forbidden Planet was just hysterical. You might guess that I enjoyed it. It was the best live performance I have seen since I saw the Bell Shakespear's Romeo and Juliet in Melbourne over a decade ago.

Sydney conservatorium of Music Sept 2001 Music Conservatorium, Sydney

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

2006 holiday to Korea and China

Not to add to much to this blog, I have created a new blog, just for my travel in October and November. So pop over and have a look at South Korea (남한) and China (中国) 2006.

Monday, September 11, 2006

The dome

The dome
Originally uploaded by yewenyi.
Serendipity, a pleasent accident? It has been over a month since one of my photos made the flickr explore list. This one took off and is now my highest ranking shot. In the thumbnail it looks great. The actual image has a few flaws to do with alignment. But overall I am happy with the image. Strangely all of it's mates have been flops. The world does work in mysterious ways.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

RGB Opening

Lilly pads
Merejames, from the Sydney Photobloggers group organized a photo exhibition, held under the auspices of the RGB group at Cafe Guila - 92 Abercrombie Street, Chippendale. I have a photo in the display. A different crop is shown on the night. The event was excellent and we even had some music by Touchwood. The display will run until 30 September 2006.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Fitzroy Falls

Annual PassI travelled down on the road to Nowra. This time I went inland via Bowral, which was the way I inteneded to go with mum and Alicia, but on that occasion I took the wrong turn off and ended up in Wollongong. On the way I visited Fitzroy Falls, in the Morton National Park. Here I obtained an annual pass to the national parks.

I walked around the western trail, past Fitzroy Falls to Twin Falls, before continuing on my way.

Twin Falls Fitzroy Falls tree Path under the bridge Rubber Support