Monday, August 28, 2006

50's fair at Rose Seidler's House

50s EleganceCourtesy of the Historic Houses Trust (which I joined) and the Sydney Photoblogger's Group, I went to the 50's Fair in one of Australia's most well known houses. It was a photographers paradise with many people dressed up in period costume. If I go again, I should do the same.

We all arrived early, which was a good thing. I bumped into Morgan and Andrew just inside the entrance. There was an impromptu photo session happening as the official photographer was at the site.

50s Goodies At the top of the hill(and at the bottom of the hill, around the house) was lot's of 50's memorabilia. I resisted the temptation to buy. Down the hill were the presenters from the ABC's Collectors program, so I look forward to seeing a show on this event. But I did not see a camera crew.

traversing the uneven groundThen it was down the hill over the uneven path to the house. Here there was a stage and the house it self. I met the others at this location.

Looking out from Rose Seidlers HouseTo get into the house, one must first remove one's shoes. This is because they want to protect the floor coverings. The house is quite small. But it lives up to it's well designed reputation.

dancing the jive50s bandWe stay to watch the music and dancing, only retiring after midday to a nearby photoblogger's house. This was a good time to leave. The crowd was becoming enormous and the queue to get in must have been several hundred people long.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Bushwalking in the Mountains

I did not upload as many photos this time, so just some snippets. It was the second Blue Mountains Group Meeting. You can see the report on the first one here. This time there were three of us. We went met at the conservation hut at Wentworth Falls. From there we went on a short walk around the top of the falls, back to the hut where we had lunch. This took about 2 hours.

Man with bird and dog

Looking over the valley of the waters. Overcliff track
Scenic Views

Bottle Brushes, on the way out
Bottle Brushes

On the over cliff track
Blue Mountains Flickr Group

Spring is on it's way.
Spring is on it's way.

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