Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year Eve's Fire Works 2008

This new year I again stayed on my balcony. I had been planning on inviting a few people over, but was totally disorganised and in the end only invited Keat. However, on the photography front I was very much more prepared than last year and had purchased a tripod and remote control so I could take good photos. But I did not have the 2x extender I had previously borrowed. At some stage I need to get the 1.6x (I think) extender. Also, I have learned how to edit the photos more effectively by editing the raw import parameters into Aperture.

NYE 2008

NYE 2008NYE 2008NYE 2008NYE 2008

NYE 2008NYE 2008NYE 2008NYE 2008NYE 2008NYE 2008

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