Friday, January 09, 2009

Elvis Festival - Getting there

Last year Pete and Billy went to the elvis festival and returned with lots of great photos. This year, they invited several more of us to go to the festival. I went, along with Wing and Kate. We drove out separately.

I stopped in Glenbrook for some breakfast.

big breakfast

On the way I realised I had not taken my recharger. So I stopped in Orange to buy a new one. Harvey Norman and Dick Smith did not have ones that suited my battery, but the camera house had this generic one what is very clever. Thought the first one I purchased emitted smoke, the replacement worked great. It is an Inca Universal Charger. A bit fiddly in the design, but very flexible and very clever.

After this, I popped over to Mount Canobolas.

Mount Canobolas

Mount CanobolasMount CanobolasMount CanobolasMount CanobolasMount CanobolasMount Canobolas

Before heading off to Parkes for the Elvis Festival 2009.

The Escort Way

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