Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Time for a tan

I have been away for a while visiting family and friends in Narooma and Melbourne and visiting Arcanacon.

We drove from my place in Sydney south along the hume and then cut across to Woolongong. After stopping to visit my mum's friend in Nowra we stopped at the beach in Huskinson on Jervis Bay before proceeding to Narooma. My niece took some time during this break to get a tan.

I have been to Jervis Bay a few times now. I actually find it a bit dull. I am more of an inland person, and the mountains and forests in the hinterland (now there is a Queenslandish word) are much more interesting. Still it was nice to visit the beach and I went into the sea for probably the first time in a decade. I think the last time was when I visited Fraser Island. An enjoyable experience.

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