Monday, February 13, 2006

Aboriginal and White Man Rock Art

AUS NSW Hands DSC05084
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I have yet to load my photos from my trip around Australia. While in the outback I saw many Aboriginal Rock Art sites and quite a few white man sites, both new and historical. This image from the Blue Mountains near Gelnbrook sums my findings up neatly. Aboriginal Rock art ranges from hand prints to quite detailed paintings and in some place very detailed carvings of the milky way. White man rock art usually consists of writing your own name, or in more modern times, tags also both in paint or carvings. White men also use soot form candles or torches. My preference is very much for the Aboriginal version. Apart from the inner city graffiti artists, the white men have very boring rock art which is lacking in food for the mind. (Well some of the graffiti in Melbourne had no artistic content, but at least it made you stop and think.)

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