Sunday, February 12, 2006

My Birthday Party

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It has been a long time between birthday parties. Mainly because I only remember after the event. But this year I had mum and Alicia visiting so I organized a dinner. I went to Pendle Hill to check out a Chinese restaurant which had a good review on an Internet site. I did not like the look of the place. The next place was also a bit dubious, and when leaving I found the third place. It looked promising from the outside, so I went with Keat (who is from Malaysia) and Nick as I can trust Keat to also understand Chinese food. For a small suburban restaurant it is excellent for value and the authenticity was as much as could be expected, they tend to make the food too sweet. (Even the hot and sour soup was a little sweet.) We had a proper Chinese banquet, as ordered by myself, not the dodgy items you get when ordering a banquet from the menu. All of the dishes went well, except for one chicken dish which was not up to the banquet standard. But I was very much ordering dishes I had no had at this place before. Another good sign was the lack of a banquet on the menu, the fact that the restaurant was full every time we went and they provided chopsitcks as the default setting and there was narry a plate to eat off to be seen anywhere. Heaven. I even let the others pay. A very unchinese way of doing things, but then most of them are Australians and it is an Australian way of doing things.

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