Sunday, October 26, 2008

2008 trip day 1 - leaving sydney

I headed north from Sydney without much of a plan. I had been trying to organise to go to my great aunty's funeral in Brisbane. But apart from that, there was no plan. I had a vague idea of visiting Byron Bay and maybe getting to the Sunshine coast. For something different, I headed up The Bucketts Way.

2008-10-26 track

My first photo stop was in Stroud.

A shed in Stroud

Continuing up this road I had lunch in Gloucester and then stopped at the lookout just past the town.

chili chicken


Heading back towards the coast, I stopped at a bridge construction site at Burrell Creek.

Burrell CreekBurrell CreekBurrell CreekBurrell CreekBurrell CreekBurrell Creek

Reaching the coast, I headed into Harrington.



And then along the coast road onto Crowdy Head.

Crowdy Head

At the end of the day, I stayed in Port Macquarie.

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