Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Thursday pre-Christmas drinks: The Colombian, Oxford Street, 6.30pm

We went down to the Colombian to sit on the roof and have some drinks. In the end we also had a meal. That noggin, Chris showed up. He started harping on and being unpleasant again. One of the things he was harping on about was the dishwasher emails I had sent to myself to remind myself to buy one.

He also said that not only did he once work for the police, but now he works for Telstra. So we had a discussion about how I no longer get a staff discount as the company I work for is 50% owned by Telstra. To get a staff discount the company needs to be 51% owned by Telstra.

One of the topics was how, the police, who stole Jame's film before the APEC summit had not made any attempt to return it or make recompense.

There was a heated discussion about macs vs windows which was just silly. Again he seems to be trying to make everything I do seem bad. A man had to come to his rescue. He sat at the table beside us and pointed out how when you install leopard your computer starts crashing, as mine has. (though I have removed most of the offending programs. I still seem to have a hardware heat related problem and have to remember not to push the computer too hard for too long.) Seems to me that they know a lot, but understand next to nothing.

Anyway they still won't say why they are being obnoxious. But they are and their attempts to say sorry will continue to fail. Though this is not the actual reason why it is failing.

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