Friday, December 07, 2007

is the lunch time cruise boat

this is an old sydney ferry. At first it was cramped but acceptable... but...then the rain came and the boat leaked. They used the plastic table cloths to redirect the water. they had to close all the doors and windows but the engine compartment was open so there was an oliy smell in the air. we could not go upstairs as there was another party up there. Outside a bolt of lightening hit the shore only a few hundred meters from the boat. I do not know what it hit, the rain was too heavy, but whatever it was lit up much more brightly that the bolt of lightening.

In this midst of all of this, my burgler alarm went off forthe first time and I was called by the alarm company. But I was out in the middle of the harbour. We decided not to call the police. They would call me back if another sensor was set off.

so when we arrived at the warf to let the upstairs party off I made a quick exit, as did half of the company, and quickly went home to check all was ok. There were no problems. Seems I left a window partly open and there had been a big gust of wind.

is the lunch time cruise boat, originally uploaded by yewenyi.

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