Saturday, September 08, 2007

Moving House Hassles

Well moving has not gone as smoothly as I expected. I am moving on 14 September, a Friday. Perhaps, now I know more, choosing a Friday was a bad choice.
  • There is now a complicated process for choosing a gas and electricity supplier. I went to the ombudsman's site and got the links to the supplier sites. Most sites are next to useless when it comes to finding out what their plans are and what they charge. A very sorry state of affairs. In the end I picked Australian Power and Gas, as their site made sense and I could see the prices and they were good. But they cannot supply to new places until a week after I moved in because they are a new company. So after some more hassles, I stuck with my current gas supplier AGL for both the gas and electricity. At least I could see their plans online, but to sort it out I still had to call them as there was much information missing.
  • Telstra can book the moving of the phone to the new location. But I was unable to cancel my big pond account before time. I have to call them on the day. What a pain in the neck.
  • I am ordering ADSL for my new house. However, I will not have a new phone connected until Monday after I have moved in. I cannot order the service until the phone is actually installed and then it takes another three days for the connection to happen and the modem to arrive. So I will be without broadband access for 5 days.
Everything else is going OK.

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