Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Xiaohan - 生日快樂

Xiaohan's birthday party at ju ju's in Kings Cross. An excellent restaurant. The restaurant is quite Japanese, and they make you take off your shoes. I never had to take off my shoes in Japan. Maybe I was too far down market. The tables are are a Japanese height, but they cheat and they are in wells, so you are sitting western style. Only Gun folded his legs under himself. I know some people have problems with this. Maybe you need to do it from a young age to maintain the right flexibility.

Happy Birthday Xiaohan, originally uploaded by Gun Sydney.

"Tomatoes in wasabi mayo" by AugustusGloop [?]
Tomatoes in wasabi mayo

"Takoyaki" by AugustusGloop [?]

"Karaage chicken" by AugustusGloop [?]
Karaage chicken

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