Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Lost filling

When I was in Seoul having breakfast on the day I was to sail for Da Lian, I felt my tooth seem to loose another section. It did not hurt so I continued to travel. Now that I have returned, I visited my dentist (today). It turns out that another piece of tooth did not break off. The filling I had for the last section that broke off came off. My dentist was from England, and her assistant from South Ireland. I have never heard anyone from Eire refer to it as South Ireland before, very strange. I suppose this is what you get from a dental practice in Bondi Junction.

But back to the tooth. My dentist said that the fillings some time come off if I bite the wrong way and put all the force on the filling. At the time it came out I was eating some toast. All that was required was a simple replacement of the filling and I was back off to work. No drilling, no pain, just a little scraping to clean and the weird UV device to set the plastic.

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