Saturday, December 23, 2006

eTrex Legend

A long way from homeWell I have been considering a new GPS for some time. I have been using charl's Fortrex 101, which has done good service and been all around the world. Including in Seoul where I was a mere 8286 km from home in a direct line of sight.

I have been looking at all the different models, wondering which one I should purchase. I liked the features on Charl's current GPS. In the end, I went for a model some where in between. I purchased a eTrex Legend Cx. C for colour, x for memory expansion slot. It has a micro SD slot, the smallest memory module I have seen. It takes up to a 2 GB card (a very difficulty bit of information to discover), though I have a 512M card. It also has a good geocaching set of functions so you can mark the caches as found as you find them.

Etrex Legend

Now all I need is a feature that tags the photos in my camera with the GPS coordinates. Apparently there is some software that will use the time stamps to merge the data sets. I will have to go looking.

travel bugsI also purchased a few travel bugs. I have yet to select what to attach to them, but it will need to be something small. One is to travel the world, visiting every country, the other to wander around Australia and New Zealand.

With the GPS leading me to the right place, I then went to try it out. I went looking for a near by cache (GCXHK6). It is located near Australia's third English settlement. But I could not find it. I was in the right place. I will have to go back. It was probably something obvious I missed as the others seem to have no trouble in finding it.

Convict Built

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