Tuesday, June 20, 2006

End of an era at 167 Arthurton Road Northcote

Well, I have sold my house in Northcote.

The story started in 1991. Work had been treatening to send me to Adelaid for over 12 months. In the end I gave up and purchased this property with the intention of moving in and renovating. During the 90 day settlement period I moved to Adelaide for an 18 month stay. However, I had already organised to move out of my previous place and into this one. As I had no permanent place to stay in Adealide I came back for one weekend to move my belongings from this place. I have therefore stayed there a total of one night. For various reasons I never move into this house when I returned from Adeliade and now I live in Sydney.

I had gone through the planning process as had got some quotes for the rebuilding, but in the end, the cost was just way too much for me to cope with. So I decided to sell. This has allowed me to remove all the loans on this property and on my unit in Sydney and pay for a holiday later this year.

The front of my old house

The rear of my old house

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Anonymous said...

Hi Yewenyi, I am really interested in the history of this area of Northcote. Do you have any more photos of 167 Arthurton Road as it used to look that you could post? Thanks!