Friday, March 03, 2006


Yogyakarta 2 in 1991
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Yogyakarta in 1991

I stayed in the room behind where I took this photo for a about 3 or 4 days. It was a wondefull place, and I used a rick-shaw to get into town. However, I electrocuted myself on the lamp just out of view of the right. The lamp was low, hanging from the roof about one meter off the ground. It was a reading lamp for the chair and like all things in this place, had a 40 w or less globe in it to save electricity. There was a pull string. I pulled on the string and, instead of the lamp turning on, the string popped up into the lamp. I put my left hand into the lamp, and to my horror discovered that there was also a power point in there. Power points in Indonesia have two prongs which stick out of the power point and are live. Luckily they are only 110 Volts. The power of the electricity held my hand into the power point and the withdraw I had to fall over, using the weight of my body to pull my hand away. Luckily I learned this technique as part of my Electronic Engineering degree. My left arm has never been the same and I have to avoid more complex left hand piano pieces.
Otherwise I thought the central kingdoms of Java are definitely the best and I loved the way they rolled their R's in the local language

Another image from Yogyakarta.


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