Saturday, July 26, 2008

Le Grand Chef - 식색

I went for a walk down Illawarra road as the place I normally go for food was full. I did not get far before I discovered this Korean Charcoal BBQ Restaurant called Le Grand Chef. The food was good. I had the Kimchi Soup, with Pork. It was a soup, kimchi, with mushrooms, bean curd and pork. As a side I had kimchi, bean and mashed potato using what I guesses was sweet potato. As an unexpected side, I also got a desert of various fruits on a skewer and a bowl of rice. I expect that this is a local Chinese and Vietnamese influence.

I have to say that I am constantly impressed with the Korean eating places in Sydney. They do their Korean cousins proud. My request, do a few local speciality dishes. There is so much variety in Korea. It'd be nice to see some here too.

Unfortunately, I cannot find the Chinese characters in my Chinese dictionary so I can only include the korean part of the name.

"kimchi soup" by yewenyi [?]
kimchi soup

tea cup, towel and spoon side dishes a free desert

Le Grand Chef - 식색
296 Illawarra Road, Marrickville

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Anonymous said...

the food/BBQ is a great time with freinds, cooking your own food(although they put it on there for you) and food for your freinds.
it's a great night out.