Monday, May 12, 2008

Na Zdrowie

The subtitle is The spirit of Polish cuisine. I have discussed on several occasions with my Polish work colleagues the idea of going to a Polish restaurant. Originally we considered the one in Auburn at the Polish club. But they always have some reason for not going, like, it won't be like the food made my mum or there is a great schism in Polish society in Sydney between the old and new Poles and they might meet someone from the other side, and heaven forbid, be nice to them. I find this very odd as it never stops them eating Chinese food.

So I organized for a group of much more broadly minded people who actually go out to eat good food to head off to Na Zdrowie. The reviews on the internet were very mixed (1, 2).

For entree, I had a Żurek, white borscht soup. It was excellent. One of the best soups I have tasted. It had subtle flavors but with a little set of delights in the small chunks of sausage. In the european style, it was a thicker soup than the Chinese would make.

For the main, I had the Pierogi, fried dumplings in a mixed filling set. This I found disappointing. It is like a the Mongolian dish, a Polish version of Gyoza with a tomato based sauce. The reviewers raved about it. I found myself wishing I had tried one of the other dishes.

For desert, I had gingerbread cake as they had run out of the Baked Apple dish that I ordered. It was really cake, rather a biscuit and a delight to eat. My only complaint, two pieces were too much after all the food we had already consumed. Interestingly, Wikipedia says that it was traditionally dunked in port. I will have to try this one day.

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