Saturday, April 28, 2007

Higland Festival

I visited Bundanoon with Keat. I have some Scottish blood in my family tree. On one side we have the Balgowans and further back the Shands of Ryhnie and Essie in Aberdeenshire. I guess that they were Jacobite's and left at the end of the last Jacobite rebellion during the land clearances. In this time, wearing a kilt was considered an act of war and was banned under the Dress Act 1746.

My grandfather had a tractor like this on his farm near Jingellic, NSW. I used to drive it when I was between 9 to 12. You can see that the man's feet are on leavers on the side. To have enough force to push both down at the same time, I had to stand up.

massey ferguson, originally uploaded by yewenyi.

After this we went to Belmore Falls. Well, the falls were not visible, but we could faintly hear the falling water.


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